SFA Online Certificate Program

Sfa Online

Phase I

The very first thing our students will do is complete a 13 module online academic program.  The 13 modules of study include all areas of anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, anesthesia, procedure fundamentals, legal aspects for the first assistant, and much more.   This is a triple tier password protected system.  All testing, quizzes, and grading is online, as is the majority of the curriculum. CLICK HERE for more on Phase I…

Phase II

The second phase of the course is completion of the Applied Science Lab.  This is a 60 hour, hands-on instruction covering all different surgical specialties.  Procedures are done in a state-of-the-art lab facility at Meridian Institute Of Surgical Assisting in Nashville, Tennessee. CLICK HERE for more on Phase II…

Phase III

The third phase of our course is each student must complete 140 cases in a variety of specialties with a sponsoring surgeon, or a Meridian approved Certified Assistant. CLICK HERE for more on Phase III…

We believe we have put together the most comprehensive First Assistant course on the market today.  Meridian Institute is proud of the depth of background we provide in our faculty and clinical facilitators, as well as our very complete and extensive curriculum.  Why look any further?  Click one of the links below to Apply Online now, or request our information packet.

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